Frequently Asked Questions

This is some of the questions being asked in the CQ-UK room

There are various ways you can connect to the CQ-UK room

  • Hri 200 connected to node radio and a talk trough radio,
  • PDN mode, FTM400 FTM100 FT2D,
  • C4FM using repeater or gateway, hotspot device,
  • Peanut using mobile or computer,
  • Echolink using repeater, mobile device or computer,
  • Allstar using repeater raspberry pi node and mobile,
  • Dmr using repeater or gateway, hotspot device,
  • Dstar using repeater or gateway, hotspot device,
  • P25 using repeater or gateway, hotspot device,
  • NXDN using repeater or gateway, hotspot device,

The XLX Multiprotocol Gateway Reflector Server is part of the software system for the D-Star Network. Using AMBEserver software it transcodes Dstar to DMR and vice versa

  • To connect to the Dstar side you can use Peanut app, hotspot device or repeater,
  • Dmr using software,repeater or hotspot.

By using software, YSF2DMR

  • Software transcoding,
  • Connects via Dmr + network to the CQ UK Ysf Reflector
  • Also from XLX dmr to the CQUK Ysf Reflector

Ysf Reflectors allow C4fm Radios to connect to each other via hotspots, repeaters or software.

  • A hotspot running modified MMDVMHost software bridges from the Wires-x system to the Ysf Reflector

Users can easily establish and operate a WiRES-X Portable Digital Node Station by directly connecting the FTM-400, FTM-100 and FT-2D to a pc running wires-x software. Modes Available are,

  • Wires-x mode, requires a talk through radio,
  • Direct mode, uses radio, no talk through radio required

There are lots of good software packages about, free to Ham. Most of them run on Debian or Ubuntu .